Technology becomes fashion

Deutsche Telekom, through its Telekom Fashion Fusion program, is fostering the visionary ideas of companies in the fashion, technology and product design industries.In the past, the emphasis had been on the sponsorship of talents and in the development of innovative prototypes in cooperation with a variety of events.In 2019 for the first time Telekom Fashion Fusion took on the development of market-ready products.

The Mission

In times of digitization, technology gets more and more part of our lives. Our mission is to turn visionary concepts into lifestyle reality. We want to offer customers products with genuine added value. We are an enabler and a strong partner for the movers and shakers from the fields of smart textiles and technologies. The 5G technology will be capable of networking everything in the next few years, creating opportunities for fascinating uses. Because even fashion can profit from technology.

Photocredit © Benjakon

Our Partner ecosystem

We go through a crucial transformation where the usage of belongings and the peoples’ behavior change, and where connectivity, low latency, secure networks and cloud services are needed. Therefore, Deutsche Telekom is creating imaginative brand experiences to make customers’ lives more enjoyable through cutting-edge technology. Together with strong partners, Telekom Fashion Fusion merges worlds and connects people, companies and whole branches.