Network Nerves

Program | Jury Finalist
Haute Couture & Show Fashion

Vision Statement

Our outfit is laid out for someone who puts on a performance on a stage like a singer or for the catwalk – it's a show outfit that is supposed to stun and vow the spectators. The outfit is supposed to create a vowing reaction when the lights are turned off and the wearer changes the outfit from a big stiff – looking dress to a flexible suit, which allows every movement.

It consists of two different pieces: A dress, which looks like a tent or cape made of lots of 3D printed “scales” which seem to change their colour. The scales do not form a solid surface and they are connected through the mechanism underneath them. The whole construction is held up by their connection on the shoulder parts of the second garment worn under the dress. It works like a lock system and can be activated by a button included on the wrist of the suit. When activated the scales fall behind each other.

The second garment is a whole-body suit made of dark blue body hugging fabric, which covers everything from the tip of the performer's fingers to their feet. On the suit, small flexible tubes are fixated which hold fluorescent liquid. The liquid is pumped and sucked out of the tubes by a small, integrated pump, which reacts to the wearer's pulse, which is measured on their wrists and changes the rhythm of the pumping.

The Why:

Currently more and more performer try to find a connection between tech and musical performance. They want something innovating and unexpected for their show. The outfit allows them to surprise and stun their spectators by the unexpected transition.