Fashion Fusion x Pyrates


At last year’s challenge of FASHION FUSION the Pyrates team made it into the final of the contest with their smart fabrics idea to create “Pyratex”, a smart fiber which gets created through a natural process.  This year at FashionTech and Premium Trade show Berlin we finally teamed up again and had the opportunity to get a little interview.

“PYRATES’ smart fabrics use a special technology brought by nature. All the active components of PYRATEX are not injected nor added, they are embedded in the fabric and thus have no expiration date and do not wash-away. PYRATEX® fabrics are fully biodegradable and produced in an environmentally friendly manner, using only products and techniques that are harmless for the nature ·

The co-founder and CEO of Pyratex, Regina Polanco, gave us a little recap of her journey until here when we met her – watch the video yourself: