We're very happy to introduce you to our second team of finalists: Team Feel.Flight!

Their focus is a chat-bot app that acts as a personal assistant for passengers with regards to five crucial in-flight elements: entertainment, wellbeing, sleep, food, exercise and general flight info. Additionally, the team wants to provide smart textiles such as socks that track your step count, temperature regulating blankets and smart cabin crew uniforms.

Feel.Flight are a team of five members: Natalie Peter, Carla Janson, Ansgar Schmidt, Sandra Stark , Kai Peter. The team comprises design and visual communication students from HFG Karlsruhe, KHB-Weißensee and HTW Berlin, an architect and a software designer.

We are excited to see the ideal of Feel.Flight getting developed at the the high-tech facilities of FabLab Berlin and with the support of our high-profile coaches until December 2017.