Connectivity With Style

Deutsche Telekom AG, in collaboration with Alpha Tauri and Schoeller Textil AG, introduces the Heatable Capsule Collection 2.0, building on the success of the 1.0 launched in 2020. These styles feature heatable zones activated via button, app, or Apple Watch, allowing users to set precise temperatures. The HCC 2.0 expands the collection with trench coats for both genders and a unisex commuter jacket.

“For us, innovation means constant progress and visionary thinking. With the further development of our app into the Heatable Capsule Collection 2.0, we are proving that it is always possible to make good things even better, to always be one step ahead technologically and thus to design a user experience for individual needs,” explains Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience Deutsche Telekom AG.

“Our goal is to create innovative solutions with new added value for the end user across all industries. The Heatable Capsule Collection 2.0 is an example of how fashion is and can be much more than just clothing,” adds Ahmet Mercan, CEO of Alpha Tauri.

The Heatable Capsule Collection 2.0 has been recognized with the German Innovation Award (GIA) from the German Design Council for its groundbreaking solutions and added value for users and the environment.