Origin and Reloading Fashion Fusion

Reloading Telekom Fashion Fusion – A Journey Through Time The film “Reloading Telekom Fashion Fusion” invites you on a retrospective journey. What were our beginnings, what milestones have we achieved in the past seven years, and where is the future leading us?

Telekom Fashion Fusion started in 2016 with the commitment to empower young design talents and connect them internationally across various trades and industries. Through the Fashion Fusion Competition, Telekom guided a select group of young designers through an incubator program to invent smart fashion products that seamlessly blend design with technological innovation. Partnerships are at the heart of Telekom Fashion Fusion. As a digital enabler, we forged strong partnerships to mentor participants, helping them transform prototypes into market-ready products. Global technology provider Intel and innovation magazine WIRED Germany provided expertise, materials, and enthusiastic commitment. With Dirk Schönberger advising and judging, Adidas contributed fashion expertise to the Fashion Fusion Lab. PREMIUM, an international innovation leader, offered a professional framework for Fashion Fusion at #FASHIONTECH.

Students, young professionals, and startups from fashion, design, and technology submitted concepts in three categories: Connected Devices & Accessories, Digitally Enhanced Fashion, and Smart Services. A jury of industry experts, including Anita Tillmann, Dirk Schönberger, Christin Eisenschmid, Gesche Joost, Paul Lukowic, Markus Luft, and Nikolaus Röttger, selected the most innovative ideas.

Telekom entered the next frontier by collaborating with Lufthansa Flying Lab, defining the future of flying. Finalists worked on technologically smart solutions for the flying experience.

A partnership with premium brand AlphaTauri resulted in the Heatable Capsule Collection (HCC) launched annually since 2020. Pieces feature heatable zones activated via integrated buttons, an app, or Apple Watch. Antje Hundhausen and Ahmet Mercan celebrated the latest collection, HCC 3.0, at Europe’s largest Telekom flagship store in Hamburg.

From its origin, Telekom Fashion Fusion evolved into a community builder uniting designers, tech enthusiasts, brands, and innovation pioneers to generate solutions for contemporary challenges. In the digital age, technology becomes integral to our lives. Telekom Fashion Fusion’s mission is to turn visionary concepts into tangible reality, developing innovative, high-quality products with lasting value. Combining textiles and technology, Deutsche Telekom aims to usher in a new era of personal expression, comfort, and functionality. Its sevenyear pioneering role forms the foundation to shape the future of the digital lifestyle, fundamentally changing how people interact with their environment.

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