Fashion Fusion is an initiative at the intersection of fashion and technology – turning visionary concepts into lifestyle reality.

Fashion Fusion is an ideas competition sponsored by Deutsche Telekom AG. Together with partners, e.g. Lufthansa, Intel, Adidas and many more, we encourage creative minds from fashion and technology to collaborate, engage and challenge the fashion status quo with groundbreaking concepts.

The challenges in 2017/2018 will be the breakthrough for the first marketable products and applications that are designed to conquer consumer and business markets.


  1. Telekom Fashion Fusion is open to students of international fashion, design and technology universities and colleges, trainees and professionals, entrepreneurs as well as freelancers and start-ups.
  2. All participants must be above the age of 18.
  3. Participants may submit projects individually or as a team of max. five people.
Exclusions and limitations
  1. Telekom Fashion Fusion is open to students of international fashion, design and technology universities and colleges, trainees and professionals, entrepreneurs as well as freelancers and start-ups.
  2. Employees of Deutsche Telekom AG and its affiliates within the meaning of the German Stock Corporation Act § 15 (e.g. Telekom Deutschland GmbH) can participate in Telekom Fashion Fusion in the framework of the UQBATE program of the Deutsche Telekom AG.
  3. Projects and information submitted for Telekom Fashion Fusion which would potentially conflict with any law and the Deutsche Telekom Code of Conduct will be rejected and declined.
  1. Telekom Fashion Fusion is looking for business ideas (‘Projects’) within the following areas:

    Concepts that use smart technologies to generate new added values through fashionable consumer electronics in the topic areas: sports, health and devices. Strong focus on sustainability.


    The development of fashion concepts that generate innovative added value through creative use of technology in haute couture and show fashion. Strong focus on art, high-fashion and sustainability.


    Concepts for B2B products and services integrated in the workwear, business context and consumer related services.

  2. Participants’ projects need to be submitted online on the fashionfusion.telekom.com platform in time within the deadlines indicated.
  3. Applications for the participation in Telekom Fashion Fusion will require an online submission with a comprehensive description of the participant’s project and specific questions for explanation to be filled out. Participants will be asked to prepare and provide an investment teaser and additional information if required by Deutsche Telekom.
  4. Missing or misleading information in the application may lead to participation being declined without further explanation.
  5. The working language for all documents and communication related to Telekom Fashion Fusion is English.
  6. Submitted projects will be passed on to employees of Deutsche Telekom and its affiliates within the meaning of the German Stock Corporation Act § 15 (e.g. Telekom Deutschland GmbH) and the jury.
  7. The participants guarantee that they have absolute ownership of the project submitted for Telekom Fashion Fusion and it is not subject any conflict concerning intellectual and/or industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) The project and its use for Telekom Fashion Fusion’s purpose does not infringe the rights of any third party. Additional information and agreements on this may be required on request by Deutsche Telekom.
  8. Participants shall indemnify Deutsche Telekom and its affiliates against all claims asserted by third parties, including state institutions, alleging that the project submitted for Telekom Fashion Fusion by the participant infringe third-party rights or is illegal for any other reason. If any such claim or infringement of rights are asserted against Deutsche Telekom, the participant shall indemnify Deutsche Telekom against any such claim without undue delay, offer Deutsche Telekom the necessary assistance for defending its rights, and release and discharge Deutsche Telekom for the reasonable defence costs, in the event that a third party initiates any claim, lawsuit or complaint, concerning or in connection with the above-mentioned rights.
  9. Deutsche Telekom and its affiliates shall not be held liable to the participants or others for the viability or results of projects, or participation in the ownership or management of the projects.
  1. In order to verify and evaluate projects/concepts submitted by participants, Deutsche Telekom will set up a special jury. Members of this jury may vary for each round and phase of Telekom Fashion Fusion.
  2. The projects submitted by participants will be evaluated by the jury, which will select the winners of each stage of Telekom Fashion Fusion based on the criteria provided at fashionfusion.telekom.com. The jury’s decisions are final and no appeals will be considered. The jury has no obligation to explain the motivation behind the choice of the best project.
  3. The jury will have full discretion to select participants, as well as to decide that none of the projects fulfill minimal criteria to be awarded and promoted.
  4. Telekom Fashion Fusion is scheduled to start in June 2017 and will end with the Award show in July 2018. Specific dates, deadlines and time-related information for Telekom Fashion Fusion will be announced on fasionfusion.telekom.com and may be subject to changes at any time.
  5. Deutsche Telekom may require participants to provide additional information concerning the submitted project. Deutsche Telekom shall contact participants on the basis of contact details included in the submission form.
  6. After the application period the jury selects at least five and no more than ten projects from all submitted projects. The selected participants will be invited to the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge. The main part of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge is a three-month practical workshop in the Fashion Fusion Lab in Berlin. With the support of Deutsche Telekom and coaches, who are renowned specialists from the nexus of cutting-edge fashion and technology, the selected participants will be given the opportunity to develop quality prototypes of their concepts in the Fashion Fusion Lab, before presenting them at an exclusive Award show during the Berlin Fashion Week 2018. A jury of top-class industry representatives then selects the grand-prize winner.
  7. The prototypes must be on the road to marketability at the end of the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge.
  1. Information about the exact place and date of the Fashion Fusion Lab will be announced at fashionfusion.telekom.com.
  2. Selected participants are obliged to attend the Fashion Fusion Lab and to be on site in Berlin at selected dates (Mandatory classes).
  1. Participation in Telekom Fashion Fusion and the relationship between Deutsche Telekom and participants are regulated solely in these Terms and Conditions. German law is applicable under exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
  2. Participants agree that by submitting their projects to Deutsche Telekom, they will grant Deutsche Telekom the rights required to use their images, pictures, videos, any software or documentation as part of their project in order to carry out Telekom Fashion Fusion. The participants also grant Deutsche Telekom the unlimited in terms of time and space, sub-licensable, irrevocable and free-of-charge right to use the aforementioned materials and their concept prototypes for marketing, promotion and sales reasons on dedicated sales areas, at trade shows, at fairs and on presentation areas and to provide this information on Telekom Fashion Fusion’s official website and social media sites as well as on the Deutsche Telekom Intranet.
  3. Participants give Deutsche Telekom consent to process their personal data. Deutsche Telekom is the administrator of personal data provided by participants. The personal data of participants shall be processed solely for the proper implementation of Telekom Fashion Fusion. Participants may transmit personal data to Deutsche Telekom voluntarily. Nevertheless, the transmission of personal data is a condition of participation in Telekom Fashion Fusion. Participants will have the right to access personal data as well as the possibility to correct data.
  4. Deutsche Telekom will take reasonable steps to safeguard the use and management of information provided be participants., However, it cannot guarantee to preserve the confidentiality or restricted use of this information. Therefore, Deutsche Telekom is not responsible for the use, disclosure and/or improper handling of the information and documentation submitted in the Telekom Fashion Fusion program. Deutsche Telekom will ask judges and coaches to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  5. Deutsche Telekom reserves the right to make changes to the above Terms and Conditions. All such changes will be communicated to participants at fashionfusion.telekom.com.